Tuesday, 4 August 2015

05.08.15: Day 20 - Ups and Downs, quite literally

Day 20 - 05.08.15

So I haven't written in two weeks. This is partly due to my having been really busy, and partly because what I have to admit is depressing.

Not only did I put those 3 lbs I had lost back on, but in just six days I went from 11 1lbs to a new high: 11st 6lbs. Of course, weight can fluctuate a few pounds either was depending on what you've eaten, what is left in your bowels, if you had a pee before your weigh in, periods and what you are wearing... But I have to be honest and realise that this sudden weight gain was because I binged. I ate loads of yumminess, did very little exercise and was generally a really bad dieter!

After that little set back, I got back on the wagon and last week was a massive improvement. I have cut down the amount of food I consume at work and been working on both my portions and content in my evening meals too. Yesterday was a bad day for me, after I went grocery shopping while hungry and ate 5 "chicken poppers", then got home and had a healthy but non-essential 5 wholemeal crackers with ham and cheese. I then had a Slim Fast low calorie chocolate bar (sooooo nice and under 100 calories) and then snacked on cheese and ham while making packed lunches for today. And then I had a substantial meal of grilled fish fingers, beans and jacket potato. Most of this stuff would be fine to have eaten (excluding the chicken poppers which are only 27 calories each but contain over a gram of fat in each one!) if I hadn't binged on quite so much of it! :-/

Other than yesterday's naughtiness and the fact that I have done no exercise since last week although this must be excused as I suffer from sciatica and it flared up this weekend. While gentle exercises like yoga and walking is good for untrapping the nerve and loosening me back up, I find that the exercise bike is very uncomfortable and my pilates exercises were definitely out too. It is still a bit sore but am hoping to resume exercising today, even if it is simply a good yoga session.

Today is also weigh in day... yay?! My last weigh was showing a little progress with my having shred to of the extra pounds I had put on and gotten back to my starting weight of 11 stone 4lbs. This week is a bad week for me to be weighed (once a month is, hint hint) but I still hope to find myself a pound, or possibly even two, lighter than last week and slowly making progress. Saturday is going to be a bit of diet killer for me however, as some work mates and I are going to a hotel in the Lake District for afternoon tea - so I think it is salads and fruit for the rest of the week in preparation for the delicious calorie filled cakes and scones that await me!

Wish me luck...

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