Wednesday, 5 August 2015

05.08.15: Day 20: Part 3 - The Results

Well something I have been doing the passed week has been working because today's weigh in was...

*more dramatic music*

11 stone 2.75 lbs

That's a pound and three quarters from my last weigh in on the 30/07. And that is despite this being on my heavy week. Am very pleased with this, just hope I can keep it up! Or rather down.

My goal is to be under 11 stone by next week's weigh in!

My previous goal posts have shifted btw. At the start, I said I wanted to be down to size 10 by my holiday on the 15th of August, but we have had to cancel this holiday and rearrange for October due to my partner's work commitments. This works out great for me considering how badly I have been doing, but am still aiming for around 2lbs off per week. 

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