Tuesday, 4 August 2015

05.08.15 - Day 20 part 2

05.08.15 - Day 20

Just a wee add on to my earlier post. I thought I would outline some of the changes I have made since my bad patch the other week.

  • Breakfast biscuits: I love breakfast biscuits and cereal bars as they are so handy and yummy. However, the idea that they fill you up for a long time to keep you going just doesn't seem to work for me, probably because I am a greedy git! So for work days, I have resorted to bringing a pack of breakfast biscuits with me and as there are four in a pack, I spread them throughout the morning. sometime between 5:30 - 6am I have a cuppa in my wee quiet spell and have two of the four breakfast biscuits then. This is enough to give me a little energy and keep me going during my busy period of 6am-7am. Around 7am I usually manage to get a little break in my work for long enough to make another cuppa and have a third biscuit. Sometime after 8am the last of my morning tasks are completed, so the final biscuit is consumed and this should keep me going for another hour, at which time I can have a piece of fruit to tide me over until lunch break.
  • Glucomannan: Having done a little research into diet supplements meant to help you shred the pounds, I found only three recommended by a nutritionist as being some minor assistance to dieting while not having nasty side effects. One was green tea as it detoxes and increases the metabolism. I have this already at home but I do not like on its own but is good in some smoothies (recipes to follow ;-) ), although I have to be careful because it contains a small amount of caffeine. Caffeine is also meant to be good as it boosts your metabolism as well as aiding you in keeping fit as it makes you feel you are more energetic and able to exercise. However, this is not good if you have a caffeine sensitivity, or like me, a minor heart issue like mine that is aggravated by caffeine. I may even start blaming the fact that I have gone decaf for my eight gain! The third one that was mentioned is a herbal fibre based extract (or something...) that you can buy in capsule form and when taken before a meal with a glass of water, this Glucomannan helps to keep you by making you feel fuller, therefore aiding in portion control. Now, for me this could be useful, but also is pointless. On the one hand, sometimes I eat too much because I still feel hungry despite having eaten a decent meal. In these instances this Glucomannan may work for me. On the other hand, however, a lot of the time my over-eating is down to pure greediness, like yesterday when I was filled up by the chicken poppers I had gobbled on the way home from the shops, but still went home and snacked. In these cases, the feeling full factor won't be much use because I am eating for the sake of it. However, I went out and got myself a bottle of capsules and am giving it a go. 
  • Drinking more: Reading up on all these diet supplements you take before a meal with a glass of water made me think; surely you don't necessarily need to be filling your stomach with fibre to make yourself feel fuller if you can get the same effect - if not so long lasting - with water alone. Plus it is good for you, keeps your system flushed and costs next to nothing (unless you buy bottled spring water which is majorly over-priced!). So I am going to drink more water, or at least fluids, especially before and during meal times. 
All that is left is for me to have my weigh in later this morning... *add dramatic music here!* Like I said earlier, not only was I very naughty yesterday, but it is also that time of the month when my weight is likely to be a bit higher than usual (also a slight excuse for my binge yesterday). But we will see.

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