Thursday, 16 July 2015

Size 10 - Size 14: A stone in five months!

Hi there!

I'm LJ and this blog is basically my weight loss diary. If you are reading this you are probably thinking, "why the hell would you pubically share your progress on a blog?". Or maybe you aren't thinking that because let's face it, it is the 21st Century and people are writing blogs about more personal or crazy things than losing weight. But anyhow, I digress. I have three reasons for this blog:

  • In the rare occasions that I have nothing else to do (haha, wonder when that ever is as I have very little free time but nevertheless) it is something I can do to keep my hands and mind busy so I don't fall into the dangers of snacking when idle. (See step 3 below!)
  • I think that publically stating you are going to loose weight and having to admit when you are failing will help motivate me. It's like having a little competition with myself! (See step 2 below). 
  • As someone who has always been thin, I am finally understanding how difficult it is to loose weight and want to share my struggle and learning curve in the hope that it will help someone else out there.
So first off, a little about me. First off, I have, until the beginning of this year, always been naturally slim despite having a good appetite, junk food addiction and comfort-eating habits. At 5ft 9", I had been a pleasant size 10 since my teenage years, and maintained a healthy weight of between 9.5 - 10 stone. At the time, I could still look at myself and see a flabby tummy, thunder thighs and a fat knees of course, no matter what size we are, very few people are completely happy with their bodies. But looking back I can appreciate my size 10 figure a little more now! My stomach wasn't perfectly flat but it wasn't a muffin top either and if I had wanted it flat, it would have took just a little bit of effort and regular sit ups to get it that way. My thighs weren't very toned but looking at photos of myself in a short dress and high heels, my 33 inch legs look awesome! I can only say that now because this is no longer the case... I wish I had appreciated my body a little more when I was naturally slim, and I wish I had made a little bit of effort to maintain it, but alas, I didn't. 

I'm still not fat. I would like to make it clear that this isn't a "woe me" or "I'm so ugly" kind of blog. I'm now weighing 11 stone 4 lbs and am just about squeezing into size 12 clothes (I know I am technically a size 14 now, and would be a lot more comfortable if I bought a size up, but I just refuse to admit it and have only purchases a few size 12 clothes since my weight gain in my determination to loose the weight.) I know this is not particularly bad, especially as I am now in my late twenties. My poor mother has struggled with her weight her entire life. She had the same eating habits and cravings as myself, but without the metabolism. So this has always made me appreciate my own good luck in the weight department, and I can see clearly that with my height, my increase in size still does not make me FAT. Curvy yes, fat no. But I can appreciate now how hard it is to maintain a healthy diet, to exercise regularly and to loose weight when your body isn't naturally inclined to do so!

The final part of my introduction is this: My Plan. I have come up with five steps to aid me in my weight loss. I will go into more depth about them in future blogs, but for now, here is a brief outline. I've written them as commandments to myself, but take them as tips if you will:
  • Step 1: Plan, plan, plan! Think ahead and plan meals so you don't fall into bad habits like snacking or popping "something quick" in the oven; i.e. pizza; chips; chicken dippers; ready meals etc
  • Step 2: Tell people you are going to lose weight! If other people know it will encourage you to loose.
  • Step 3: Keep active; idle hands make for temptation to snack. Keeping active not only burns more calories, but even just having something to do with your hands like doodling or knitting or something will stop you reaching for the crisps.
  • Step 4: Learn about nutrition! Instead of falling for fad diets and hearsay, it is best to know what is actually healthy and what isn't, like learning the difference between good fats and bad fats. Also, everyone is different, so you need to tailor a diet and exercise regime that suits you.
  • Step 5: Have a clear goal! Pick a date. Pick a weight. Work out what the average weight loss you need each week is, and head for that finishing line giving it all you've got. But be realistic!

And so without much further ado, I set my goal. 

Current weight: 11 stone 4 lbs
Current dress size: 12/14
Current date: 17.07.15
Target weight: 10 stone 
Target dress size: 10
Target date: 29.08.15
Average weight loss required per week: 2.25lbs

I'll let you know how I get on...

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