Tuesday, 21 July 2015

22.07.15 - day 6 - post-weigh in


So yesterday was weigh in day. Due to one of my workmates being on holiday and thus the rest of us being that little bit busier, we were actually a week overdue. I was dubious if there would be a lot of change considering that I only started this blog and really pushing myself last week, and then I shared a bag of toffee popcorn with my boyfriend on Saturday followed by a pub meal that night. But I have been good over the last few weeks other than that and haven't really binged. so maybe 1-1.5 lbs off?


3 lbs off!

Was soooo pleased with that. Works out as 1.5lbs a week, so I could still do a wee bit better and with a bit more hardwork and commitment get it up to 2lbs a week which would be great. Of course, I am less concerned about actually weight, as I am size, and seeing as muscle weighs more than fat and I am trying to work out regularly, I also need to keep a measure of how many inches I am losing. I have my measurements written down somewhere from when I started to try and lose weight months ago without much success, so will dig them out and measure myself tonight to see how i am doing on the getting back to a size 10 goal.

I was a little naughty last night, as I had planned a nice healthy meal of fish, new potatoes and peas, but decided at the last minute to have pizza and chips instead! However, I did give the lion's share to my partner. I also gave into temptation and had a sneaky pack of full fat crisps! Crisps are my downfall because no only do I love them, but I can totally binge on them and have up to four or five packs in one sitting if I being really greedy. But I just had the one pack (at 148 calories and 7.5g fat!) and I must have worked at least some of this indulgence off as I did a lot of housework including dusting and cleaning, and went full throttle at it! I didn't get on the exercise bike or pilates though, so going to have to get my act together today unless I want to throw away all my progress!

Today's plan:

Banana, granola and low fat yogurt for a nice filling breakfast at work
Oat based snack bar mid morning
Soup with Rivita thins for my lunch
Pack of baked crisps (still 102 calories) to keep until as late in my work day as possible so I don't get overly hungry by the time I get home.
[This may seem a lot to some people but i have always been a big eater, and cutting down too dramatically will just leave me hungry and fatigued, resulting in a massive binge in a vain attempt to "get my energy levels back up"! :-/ ]
A good 3/4 to an hour walk with my mother's dogs.
Have a small glass of home-made smoothie if need a snack (0%
Get home and have a quick pilates session followed by exercise bike.
Home-made beef casserole with new potatoes and broccoli.

And I will measure myself later today to find out if I have got any inches off!

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