Tuesday, 21 July 2015

21.07.15 - Day 4 - After a lazy weekend...

21.07.15 - Day 5 - After a lazy weeekend...

Well, after all my planning on Friday, this weekend I have gone completely off plan and eating loads of stuff I shouldn't have! I'm usually pretty good at the weekend as I spend the entire time with my boyfriend and feel guilty if I eat anything bad in front of him. The guilt is borne from the fact that, like so many skinny people, my partner's attitude to weight loss is that if you are unhappy with your size and shape just do something about it. I used to have exactly the same attitude until I found out for myself how hard it is to change your eating habits and life-style. But instead of getting annoyed with him and ranting about how I'd like to see him try it (as tempting as that is!), I tend to instead want to prove to him that I am trying my damnest - if only because it means I am justified when I get upset about not being able to fit in any of my clothes.

But this weekend we decided to have a few days of our usual hectic DIY and gardening. We are trying to get our house and garden done up nice this year, the intention being that next year we can concentrate on saving up for our wedding and children, not to mention actually getting to enjoy our house and garden a bit! but my partner did his back in the week before so it seemed like the perfect time to have a lazy weekend. Of course, this meant that not only was I not burning off as many calories but with a cinema trip and a meal out included in the itinerary, I also ate far more crap. I did have a wee session on the exercise bike and dumbells though which made me feel a little better

However, on Monday I went back to eating very healthy during the day and when my mother had us over for tea, I turned down the chocolate chip muffins with extra thick cream she offered us. This was with a lot of reluctance I admit, but I managed it!

Today, I am off shopping after work, so going to stick with my plan to avoid snacking or over spending, as well as trying to get a good workout session fitted in after housework this afternoon.

Today is also weigh in day. A couple of my work mates and I are all wanting to lose or keep off the pounds so we all chipped in and got a good quality digital scales to keep in the office and have a weekly weigh in. Here goes...

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